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Drawing Bird Song

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Drawing sounds? Yes! • Have you ever heard wonderful bird songs and found it difficult to put them in your nature journal? • How do we turn sound into visual? • How can we draw sounds??? Well, I have some easy ways to do so! I’ve been watching birds for decades and have found some simple and fun ways to incorporate birdsongs and notes onto paper. In this 60 minute video, we will explore various ways to visually place bird songs in your journal, to enrich your sensory experience and enhance your memory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Drawing sounds increases your learning and memory I've been a long-time bird watcher, and putting sounds into my nature journal was integral for my learning so many bird songs. It might sound strange but you CAN document the sounds birds make onto a 2-D page! My college ornithology (study of birds) class required having to learn the songs of 60 local birds by ear (by sound)!! It was so frustrating to try learning from a CD--song after song, I couldn't put the sound to a bird name in my head. Then, I experimented and discovered that when I incorporate my visual AND auditory senses, I maximized how quickly I learned and how much I retained this knowledge! I still use it today. I'll help you get on the road to drawing bird songs and start recognizing the birds you hear! Join me and I'll get you started on your journey to incorporate bird songs into your nature journal, and increase your depth of understanding, love and connection with birds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***Benefits to listening to bird song You may personally have experienced benefits after listening to birds. Perhaps you began feeling much better, happier, or refreshed after spending time with birds or listening to their chatter or serenades. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that nature has countless positive effects for humans. Listening to birdsong boosts creativity, improves mood and other lasting mental health benefits!

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