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Bookbinding Coptic stitch

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Create a made-by-you original book to use for nature journaling! Use your hands to make a beautiful, yet functional and simple book. Making something by hand stimulates creativity, and satisfaction of completing something yourself. You can keep this for your journaling or art practice, or give as a gift. You'll show off the stitching with this Open-spine version with coptic stitches. This book requires cutting paper, folding, poking holes, gluing paper to cover, stitching the pages and attaching the cover. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is fully customizable. After you learn the process you can modify it to fit your needs perfectly! You can modify: Cover material (fabric, hand-made paper, scrapbooking paper, etc) Cover Use thinner or thicker board, or repurpose a hard-cover from an old book! Size and format of book: small or large, horizontal or vertical Number of pages make it with 20 pages or 120 pages or more Type of inner paper: mixed media, watercolor, printer paper, graph paper, toned paper, fabric pages, etc. Spacing of stitching: you can make the stitches closer or farther apart Color of thread: Play around with colors that blend in, or stand out! Add creative embellishments: a ribbon bookmark, elastic closure, pockets and pouches inside

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