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Spark Collective

A gathering of heart-centered individuals deepening their connection to
nature and their inner nature through creative practices, including nature journaling.

Are you ready to cultivate a practice of nature connection that nourishes your creative spirit, spark your sense of wonder, deepens your intuitive connection to nature? Come play with us!

Image by Lochie Blanch

What Our Members Are Saying

"My time spent in the Spark community is a gift I give to myself. Nature Journaling is engaging, gratifying, and calming. The community aspect is the most healing as I feel a kindred spirit with all the members in our appreciation of and desire to journal our encounters of nature!"
  • Spark Collective

    Every month
    Spark a new relationship with nature and develop your sense of wonder
     14 day free trial
    • Network of Heart-Centered Nature Journalers
    • Vibrant, Flexible, & Supportive Virtual Coworking Space
    • Recurring Live Nature Journaling Sessions
    • Library of Replays and Resources
    • Gentle Accountability with weekly co-journaling sessions
    • Evolve Your Practice Through Workshops, Conferences & More!
    • Understand and Work with Your Seasonal Energy Cycles
  • Awaken to Nature

    Every month
    Develop your intuitive connection to nature
     14 day free trial
    • Everything in Spark Collective Level
    • Access to Seasonal Courses and Nature Resources
    • Interactive Creative Calls
    • Collaboration & Accountability Groups
    • Share Your Wisdom Through Speaking Opportunities
  • Expand Your Spark

    Every month
    Move out of the starving artist paradigm and create your creative business
    • Everything in the prior membership levels
    • Done with you support as you design and build your business
    • Tap into your unique teaching methods and creative spirit
    • Ongoing connection calls with other community builders
    • 1:1 mentoring for you to step into your leadership

Highlights in our learning collaborative community
🌸 2 monthly workshops to deepen your connection and journaling skills Drawn into Nature and Nature Journal Studio
🌸 weekly Spark Journaling Co-working nature journaling sessions

🌸 Creative Playground: skills practice
🌸 Live, online real-time sessions with Melinda and community members
24hr  access to community sharing board
🌸 participation in all hosted online conferences.
Topic range from creativity, personal development, business, spirituality, health, wealth and abundance.


Nature is continually speaking to us.

But are you tuned in to hear the whispers from Nature?

Learn how to cultivate a deeper personal connection with nature, tap into your intuitive nature to read nature's language and wisdom to guide you for a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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