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Rest as a crucial step in nature’s cycle

Nature invitation: Rest

Rest is an important phase as nature moves through its cycles and rhythms. Nothing is ever standing still. It’s always moving through one cycle or another.

Rest is needed between periods of growth.

Nature teaches me that plants go through cycles of growth, maturity, decomposition, dormancy before growing again.

And that resting period is not wasted time— (I used to hear this a lot when I was younger-not to waste my time, I grew into an adult who’s always filling time with activity).

Nature never judges- (another thing to learn from nature!) WE are the ones that put a value judgement on how our time is spent…

We are nature, so we need that too—-

To flow from periods of activity to periods of slowing down for rest, reflection, replenishment, and rejuvenation.

Like the yearly nature growth cycle (spring through winter) we might need a long period of rest like 4-hour time blocks or days or weeks.

Or like the daily opening and closing of poppy flowers, our rest can be short like 5 or 30 minute breaks in nature in between work activities.

Recent reflections

I’ve been leading a lot of nature journaling workshops and trainings this month and I’m feeling a deep need to rest.

I need this in order to be my best self and fully present.

Even though my extrovert-ness allows me to be energized by being with people, my introvert friends have been showing me that it’s necessary for rest too.

So, instead of being on auto pilot of doing, I have been listening within to hear how I am feeling.

Am I tired? How am I feeling?

And I am recognizing that I want and need to create space for slowing down, playfulness, and creativity in order to feel more harmony in my daily life.

 Rest allows for me to be more resourced, like filling up your energetic fuel tank so that you’re not running on empty.

How to incorporate some rest in a full schedule

The other day I had a full day of taking my mom to appointments and running errands, finding meals, grocery shopping, and sitting in commute traffic covering over 250 miles. Phew!

But I was able to work in a stop to a garden center for just to stroll among the plants to let nature show me some beauty, joy, wonder, and lightheartedness. Going to plant nurseries is something my mom and I enjoy together. Looking at all the varieties of plants, flowers, textures and colors and smells brings me so much joy.

A 30 minute stop at the nursery gave me some moments of peace and joy, and because of it, I was less irritable.

For me, nature is what nourishes, energizes and relaxes me. Nature is always speaking to us, and we can use the wisdom for our lives so that we can live with more harmony and joy—but we need to tune in and listen to Nature with our senses and our hearts.

Your nature invitation:

1- Look to see how nature shows us how to rest. Take moments to give attention to something in nature. Be curious and wonder about this thing you see. Sketch to See more. Use your senses and feel more.

2-What did you learn from nature? and How can you apply what you just noticed to your own life? What rest do you need? What makes you feel replenished? What’s one thing you can do to move toward more restfulness?

3-Inspire others. I invite you to share what you find because it may spark in others a new way of looking at something.

How to Share: If you share on social media use #sparkinnature

Or join our Spark Collective community and share your pages and reflections. Free 14-day trial here.

Final thoughts:

Please be gentle with yourself. Changing an old habit of overlooking self-care time can take some practice. Start with small pockets of time, and celebrate your success with us! Each small step will will add up.

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